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Asbud Company belongs to English type windows manufacturers. They are based on Aluplast Ideal 70 profiles.

Ideal 70 System is a base dedicated for opened outwards windows, also known as ‘English windows’. Distinctive, 5 chamber profile and 70mm width give rise to extraordinary heat insulation. Excellent shape of Ideal 70 series is a result of fusion of latest technology and wondrous design.


Solid structure and extraordinary design are contributing to excellent window construction. Ideal 70 Profile offers an opportunity of adjusting the shape of the window to individual expectations. This kind of profile gives the choice among soft arches and cants, bringing the necessary balance and harmonious shape together. English aluplast window system contains full documentation, including all the certificates which give the permission for applying windows in Great Britain. It also fulfils an important Kitemark certificate which proves that the product is manufactured in accordance with all the standards. This document is granted by British Standard Institution.


  • 5 chamber structure
  • English style windows, opened outwards, possibility to apply glass in the outside and inside
  • Profiles are already equipped with gaskets which comprises to time-saving and great efficiency
  • Possibility to make a glass on the surface of width up to 40mm
  • Compatibility and wide range of additional profiles, connectors and extensions