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PVC profil Aluplast Ideal 8000 Windows

This system represents the latest aluplast profiles generation. Its solutions at aimed at improving factors responsible for heat loss and acoustic permeability. More efficient usage of construction dedicated for 85 mm profile enabled extending the range of swages' chambers and application of three gaskets. Ideal 8000 enables one to use modular energy-efficient pane batches of 51mm width. This feature extensively influences the thermal flow. Dry chamber contributes to durability of fitting mechanisms. The third gasket creates a "third chamber" which remarkably extends the life span of mechanical elements.


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The fusion of different concepts, implemented in order to achieve unbeatable energy efficiency, enabled us to improve the insulation. We applied swages which increase the depth and quantity of internal chambers. The result of another solution is elimination of steel supports in window sash. The application of "bonding inside" technology enables us to stick integrated pane into window profile.

The compatibility of all constructive versions is a distinctive feature of aluplast ideal 8000 system. The constructions' plurality enables our customers to make the best choice. Insulation solutions enabled us to use deeper swages and to apply more chambers. It resulted in introducing new ideal 8000 profile generation. Revolutionary, 85 mm construction enables us to apply additional pane segments, filled with nitrogen. This construction improves insulation. Uf=1,0 W/m2K insulation profiles are considered to be a role model in architecture. Companies which use this energy efficient solution offer the facility of applying them on 51 mm surface. It enables us to create windows with excellent insulation. As an example one can point a 1230 x 1480 mm window with Ug=0,5 W/m2K W/m2K panes. It has Uw=0,76 W/m2K insulation coefficient.

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"Bonding Inside" conception has additional benefits. The window sash has excellent static characteristic. The pane is strengthened and its edges have support on every stage of their lifespan. In this way we reduct undesirable tension which is a crucial factor when it comes to safety connected with windows exploitation. What is more, such windows are weatherproof so that the swage does not buckle. The support of the sash is optional but it is recommended for sizable windows.

Bonding inside is a solution consisting in sticking the pane into the profile. The other advantage is reducing the linear tension of the thermal joint which is placed between the pane and the profile. Due to this construction there is no dew arising on the window and no heat loss. This system is not exposed to bending or subsiding sashes. It is all because of constant pane junction. This technology helps to reduce the risk of fractures caused by spot tensions. Moreover, it extends the sashes' lifespan considerably and there is no need to control their condition. Another advantage of ideal 8000 system is protection against burglary since its mechanical deterioration resistant.

Innovative design contributes to Ideal 8000 Profile timelessness. Original architectural solutions will go admirably with quaint Aluplast product. Moreover, it gives a leeway when it comes to fitting it into interiors. The aluminum covers system enables us to create a profile in any color.

According to experts' opinion, Ideal 8000 series merits a considerable recognition. This is why in 2013 it was awarded with the "Gold Medal of the PoznaƄ International Fair".

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Ideal 8000 characteristics:

  • 85 mm depth
  • 6 chamber profile
  • possibility to apply panes up to 51 mm width
  • Uf = 1,0 W/m²K thermical insulation
  • system with central insulating equipped with 3 gaskets set
  • several types of sashes
  • bigger stability of windows because of stiffening attributes of the pane
  • better thermal insulation by comparison with traditional solutions
  • better protection against burglaries - no possibility to push the pane out of the sash
  • there is a peripheral aperture filled with glue
  • lower likelihood of pane fractures
  • better acoustic insulation due to direct connection of the sash and the pane