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Aluplast Ideal 7000 Windows

PVC Profile Aluplast Ideal 7000 Windows

85mm wide system, with an outside insulating and six chambers. Futuristic architecture pledges us to fulfill the latest standards. Law requirements regarding woodwork are keep being changed. It contributes to changes in fashion and customers’ expectations.  Innovative Ideal 7000 New 85mm System has 85mm deep profiles.

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Aluplast Ideal 4000 Windows

PVC profil Aluplast Ideal 4000 Windows

Ideal 4000 System represents a new profile generation. They meet even the most excessive expectations. 70-80 span profile with 5-6 chambers outside insulating. Solid structure containing big chambers dedicated for steel supports and 70-85 deep profile enable us to create sizeable windows. Multi-chamber construction providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation is a fundamental feature which contributes to Ideal 4000’s brilliancy.

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Asbud Company belongs to English type windows manufacturers. They are based on Aluplast Ideal 70 profiles.

Ideal 70 System is a base dedicated for opened outwards windows, also known as ‘English windows’. Distinctive, 5 chamber profile and 70mm width give rise to extraordinary heat insulation. Excellent shape of Ideal 70 series is a result of fusion of latest technology and wondrous design.

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Frame's weight reduction, achieved due to considerable steel elimination (by 60%) is of great importance in this case. It influences the comfort of working in the factory, as well as in buildings where the windows are being set up. Thanks to the weight, transport costs are considerably lower.

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Aluplast Ideal 8000

PVC profil Aluplast Ideal 8000 Windows

This system represents the latest aluplast profiles generation. Its solutions at aimed at improving factors responsible for heat loss and acoustic permeability. More efficient usage of construction dedicated for 85 mm profile enabled extending the range of swages' chambers and application of three gaskets. Ideal 8000 enables one to use modular energy-efficient pane batches of 51mm width. This feature extensively influences the thermal flow. Dry chamber contributes to durability of fitting mechanisms. The third gasket creates a "third chamber" which remarkably extends the life span of mechanical elements.

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