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About Us

Asbud.pcv.alu Company was created by Mr. Mariusz Hyjek and Robert Janicki who have been devoted to carpentry branch since 1995. It was the opportunity to have an influence on windows’ and doors’ quality and taking full responsibility for the product on every stage of its functioning which motivated the owners to start manufacturing on their own. These solutions are not the cheapest ones; however, this is the reason why we and our customers have no concerns about their functionality.

Dynamic development of the company enabled us to add aluminum locksmith works and outdoor blinds to the range of our products. Currently we are one of the largest windows manufacturers in Poland. Since the highest quality is our hallmark, our products are being bought throughout Poland. What is more, 70% of our products are being exported to countries like Germany, Denmark, Norway, Austria, and England. We use stock sold by prestigious companies like ALUPLAST, MACO, and Pilkington. We have windows which open to the inside and outwards as well. We use the latest technologies. We also strictly comply the manufacturing so that we can offer the highest quality. Thousands of manufactured windows ensure us that we are able meet all the customers’ expectations when it comes to PVC and ALUMINUM carpentry. In our manufacturing program we have plastic windows made of 5,6,8 profiles and aluminum locksmith works and we also perform aluminum locksmith works.